A dispute over today’s parliamentary session was resolved following mediation made between the parliament leadership. First Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey dismissed the parliamentary session that was set to take place today. Outgoing Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari yesterday said at a press conference that he will address the parliament on Wednesday to return speakership responsibility to the House.

However, First Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey said since he was the acting speaker, he has all the rights to convene parliamentary sessions. He sent a message to lawmakers informing that no session would be held on Wednesday.

It has now been agreed that the parliamentary session will take place on Thursday with deputy speaker given the green light to chair the session and guide the parliamentary sessions until the Speaker position is filled. After the negotiations, he sent a message to the parliamentarians notifying them about the Thursday’s Session. Mudey, who led the plot that saw the removal of speaker Jawari, allegedly is not in good terms with his second deputy speaker Mahad Awad and parliamentary permanent secretary Buuh.


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